Dame: Big No....NO...! - Cewe Smu

Start Now, I'll be no longer talk about Mac os, leopard only again, I'll mix the content with Magazine about Girls, maybe I'll talk about Cosmo Girl :-)

she's so talented, and her name is Dame, very very Cantik or cute , superaktif
I wish I Can meet her and could be her boy friend :-)
she's never seen foto Bokep di ponsel, so so polite ha

these the Dame Facts:


Nama Lengkap: Dame Magdalena Hutasoit
Tempat/ Tanggal Lahir: Jakarta, 13 Februari 1991
Tinggi/ Berat Badan: 170 cm/ 52 kg
Sekolah: SMA 82 Jakarta
Tempat Nongkrong Favorit : Casa Kemang