How to be Look sexy

Every woman knows and every woman wants . Looking sexy in public feels good , well being beautiful girl sometimes is not enough so what woman have to do to being perfect sexy Girls like on beautiful Girls such as the wild Nereida Gallardo, sexy young lady Miranda Kerr, the beauty Girl in Cheerleader groups, or Natalia the miss brazil 2007 and Adriana Lima.

gallardo r7.png

Dress light clothes and choose the color of your clothes that looks gloomy to your skin. Like if you are white the best match for your skin will be black, red ,brown and blue. If you are black the color you will wear should be light.

Just look at your self in the mirror and see if you like the way you look. Ask your friends if you look great. Best fit is always the best to look sexy. Looks appealing means sexy and professional.

here's the following Tips
  1. Sexy clothing is not always sexy, choose your own clothing that fits to your taste and appealing to your eyes
  2. Be simple and wear your clothes with confidence.
  3. and Finally Color will add more attraction to your body.