Facial cosmetic surgery - Anti Aging Results in 10 Days or Less

Reduce the signs of aging face with the treatment as Microdermabrasion and the absorption through the skin of the filling can see the results on time, but innovative procedures such as Fraxel C02 detection of more than promises for those of folds and wrinkles around the long term.

The recent developments in the fight against aging cosmetic surgery say that the Fraxel laser, intensity of the skin of the upper-treatment may be the most important areas of the site, the signs of premature aging, and the treatment can also treat problems such as acne -Scars, pigmented skin and wrinkles deeper. The Fraxel C02 Re: pair system is ever so popular that many people before, the traditional face-lift for a laser treatment. The procedure improvements in the skin, over time, and some patients a considerable difference immediately with improvements in just ten days.

Dr. Michael Perskey, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Encino, California provides some insights on Fraxel in a recent interview:

Fractional CO2 laser skin rejuvenation is where facial cosmetic surgery is heading for at least the next ten years…The advantage of Fraxel re:pair over the current similar lasers and the many to soon be released is Fraxel’s research over the past 4 years.Fraxel is the only laser that is applied to the skin in a continuous roller fashion while all other laser use a “stamping” application that is less consistent, only more time consuming. Fraxel is the technology that other laser companies are racing to match.

Fraxel laser treatments typically cost between $ 3000 - $ 8000 depending on the position of doctor and the number of necessary treatments. The procedure was considered "safe" by the board of many cosmetic surgeons and is certified by the FDA, can help even respond to treatment than younger patients who want to keep the signs of aging and their young look.