My health insurance plans Tips for 2009

The eHealth systems for health insurance plans tips to save money and avoid mistakes health Insurance Before the new round of the year

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., 19 December, 2008 eHealthInsurance, the leader of the health insurance online and health insurance individual, families and small business health insurance, today announced recommendations to optimize your - health and affordable health insurance , individual health insurance care professionals dollars in year 2008 and to minimize your costs -affordable health insurance / cheap health insurance -in the health sector in 2009 .

• No. 1: No small sign: Many health insurance company offerings by updates to the interest and the profits to an end. These changes are usually the shipper and the shipper May Price-cost health insurance to throw away without reading. Read the letters - cheap health insurance - so you are not surprised that the changes in your system.

• No. 2: The trick: If the private, health insurance company and life insurance are always spectacular New Year's doing. The health insurance companies often new products per year, and May, a better agreement.

• Tip # 3: New year, new openness: Most insurance franchise to zero of each calendar year. If youve exhausted liberation in 2008, make sure that all the end of the year, applications must be submitted before 1 January, so it is not for your franchise 2009th

• No. 4: Pull the low cost of health insurance for medical treatment: If your medical expenses for the families of the year, almost 7.5% of adjusted gross income tax this issue May deductible. Check with your tax advisor or the IRS website to see if you are in the situation, the low cost of health insurance.

• No. 5: inclusion of money for medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist if you have the cost of drugs - low cost health insurance - the possibility, medical, his own, and medical care free of charge screening.

• No. 6: The financing can be fun: If you need a savings account, health, resources for the longest, by the end of the year for the best tax advantage. There is also a strong day for the fund for future emergencies to affordable health insurance.

• No. 7: You sound: Make sure that the system of health insurance, whether they are entitled to a discount on the local or national health clubs. Certain plans and you can use the money for the monthly cost for a family of affordable health insurance.

• Tip # 8: Get Physics: An annual fitness are your plans for the future of healthcare. About your health, you better prepared to make a decision, you need to change, or if your card in case you need one.

• No. 9: Testing: Other important changes in your life, health or May require a series of services of health insurance. Remember, you May not be able, as your January 2010.