No diet International day

Many people take attention on it, Do you struggle with body image issues? Can you imagine even one day set aside for accepting your body, just as it is? Or better yet, loving your body as it is?

International No Diet Day (INDD) is an annual celebration of body acceptance and diversity. It is observed on May 6 each year. It is a day to:

  • Celebrate the beauty and diversity of ALL our natural sizes & shapes
  • Affirm everyBODY's right to self-esteem, respect and emotional and physical well-being
  • Declare a personal one-day moratorium on diet/weight obsession
  • Learn the facts about weight-loss dieting, health, and body size
  • Recognize how dieting perpetuates violence against women
  • Honor the victims of eating disorders and weight-loss surgery
  • Help end weight discrimination, sizism and fatphobia

The inspiration for International No Diet Day came from Mary Evans Young, a woman who was recovering from anorexia. Started in 1992, it is now celebrated worldwide.