(Cindy) Hampton & John Ensign affair (pictures/photos)

Cynthia Hampton Picture:Cynthia Hampton John Ensign – Cindy Hampton account chase is heating up the internet.Cindy Hampton/Cynthia Hampton became an brief celebrity afterwards she was apparent as the bedmate of Agent John Ensign (R., Nevada).Most Cindy Hampton pictures acquaint on the web are absolute pictures of Darlene Ensign the wife of Agent John Ensign or a adult by the aforementioned name,a above Jehovah’s Witness.Who is Cindy Hampton (pictures / pics below) and why is the web abuzz with her? John Ensign, the Republican agent from Nevada, has accepted to an activity and she is allegedly the woman in the average of this scandal. In a columnist appointment captivated yesterday, Ensign went accessible with the activity that cindy hampton affair reportedly lasted from November 2006 to May 2008, a time aback he and wife Darlene Ensign were separated. Cynthia Hampton is the wife of one of his above acknowledged aides, Douglas Hampton, and formed for him as his attack treasurer. Though the agent did not name the woman he had an activity with, account letters acicular to Cindy Hampton as the woman.

John Ensign is a arch bourgeois agent and has been mentioned as a accessible applicant for the abutting presidential elections. But with this revelation, that may accept gone bottomward the drain. Ironically, he was actual analytical of Bill Clinton's activity with Monica Lewinsky some years aback and aboveboard alleged for the again president's resignation. Now that he is in the aforementioned boat, he said that he has no affairs of resigning.

It is not bright what prompted the agent to accept his activity with Hampton but there are some online letters that he absitively to go accessible with it afterwards Cindy's bedmate allegedly approached him for a ample sum of money.