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You may have been seen the handcock movie , and you'll find the Charlize theron paris name put on the board or the cover on DVD. You might be wondering how sexy Charlize theron, being beautiful dark like her or dating with her ... upss the last one you can't be ...

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Everything about Charlize Theron is sexy. Starting with her amazing green eyes and her magnetic smile, and moving along her 5'10" body, Charlize Theron can render any man helpless.

But her sex appeal has a lot to do with her feminine grace and class, which she has in spades. She always carries herself like a princess (without acting snobby), and is never caught partying it up in the L.A. or New York club scene. Whether she's on the red carpet, in an interview or accepting an award, Charlize Theron always acts like a real woman, as opposed to a childish girl who revels in the spotlight.

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Charlize Theron Sexy wallpapers