Do most guys think high heels are sexy?

Many things that make Girls look so beautiful and sexy, is that one of them is High heels?

What other people says ....

Most men do and particularly stiletto heels. If a guy really loves the girl it doesn't matter if she wears the shoe boxes on her feet!

It depends on the guy, the woman and the high heels.

According to people who study this stuff, it's because of multiple factors: It makes a woman taller. It forces the back to maintain a posture that sticks out a woman's boobs and butt. It forces the musculature of the leg to tense.

we are more focused on you, unless your wearing funky shoes, mismatch or out of occasion, we might focus on shoes.

My opinion about the Girls and high heels is

a lot of it depends on what the girl is wearing above them.

smiling, yes.

flirting, yes. serious, no.

skirt, mostly. miniskirt, yes. dress, depends.

shorts, yes(especially short shorts). tight jeans, yes.

tshirt, yes. sweatshirt, depends on the pants.

underwear only, yes.

legs crossed, usually.

but then again, that's just my opinion.