Girls prefer to look sexy rather than being clever


So much of girls look so sexy , so many things you can discover the side of girl which look so hot and sexy, but they are more prefer to be look so clever rather than sexy. In this cases I know that why girls want to be look sexy, that's because their atitude which are not clever can be hide behind the sexy look of the body. And that's called clever , do you agree. ?


Women have fought for decades to be treated as men's equals. Yet today's girls are being told that female empowerment simply comes from being 'sexy', according to a new book by the managing editor of the Harvard Law Review.


The overwhelming lesson teenagers are now learning from the world around them is that being "sexy" is the ultimate accolade, trumping intelligence, character and all other accomplishments at every stage of a woman's life,' said Liebau, a political analyst and the review's first female managing editor.

So is a good choice for the number one beauty icon title, she’s young, fresh, and whether she has long hair or short hair, is wearing make-up or au natural she always looks absolutely gorgeous, a true English rose just like Keeley Hazel or Gemma Atkinson