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Do you wanna be like Leah Dizon whose a beautiful face ? just come to facial cosmetic surgery. Not jokes, but don't feel distrub too, because you can get better in rapidly if you do so.
Like on magazine, same like extreme in Michael Jackson cases.

About 3 years ago a UK tabloid newspaper article on cosmetic surgery
addiction had a picture of a woman (I think an ex-model who had
married a famous millionaire)who had numerous facial alterations. They
ridiculed her saying she looked like a cat. I remember thinking she
looked exraordinary and rather beautiful. I would like a picture of
that face again

With the "face" of Michael Jackson all over television aftermost week,

interest in corrective anaplasty seems to be at an all time high. I was

even approach surfing aftermost night amid Saturday Night Live and a

facial cosmetic surgery appropriate on Entertainment Tonight. But, afore all

this accepted hoopla, like you, I marveled a brace of years ago at the

visage of the woman who had carefully fabricated herself into something

not about apparent perambulating the aisles at Kroger: a boscage cat.

You are abandoning the news of JOCELYNE WILDENSTEIN, a New York

socialite. I've never been absolutely abiding what a "socialite" is -

apparently it is addition with berserk too abundant money and time at their

disposal, and a appearance of the cosmos differing badly from that

of best citizens. At atomic that would be how abounding association would

characterize Ms. Wildenstein. But, conceivably we are too acrid - "walking

in the added person's moccasins" and all that.

Ms. Wildenstein was built-in to a average chic ancestors in Lausanne,

Switzerland about 55 years ago. She was able to advantage her

good looks and shrewdly developed abilities at hunting at baby airplane

piloting into a alliance with Alec Wildenstein, a billionaire art

dealer built-in in France, but residing mainly in New York back not

hunting on his 66,000 acre Kenyan estate.

I could, of course, blab this absolute news here, but it's added fun

to apprehend it on the web pages I begin for you. That way, while account a

story richer (so to speak) in absurd capacity and cautionary

lessons than most, you can attending at pictures clashing any to be seen


Here's the tale's awkward overview, with the requisite bedfellow plastic

surgeon's belief as to the absolute admeasurement of the legendary

Wildenstein facial anaplasty (which, like Mr. Jackson, she

disingenuously denies, save a distinct face lift). This is from

etonline.com (ET, as in "Entertainment Tonight" - artificial anaplasty is

obviously accepted with this show's producers):