medical insurance for (non-student) tourists/visitors to Canada

If you wanted a list of medical insurance for (non-student) tourists/visitors to Canada ?
if you are looking for
  • free medical insurance
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So, just read below, you could be get guaranteed acceptance medical insurance information.

I'm looking for a list of Canadian providers of medical insurance for
(non-student) tourists/visitors to Canada, to be purchased in Canada.
I only know of one, RBC insurance. Any others?

Travel Underwriters

Visitors to Canada Travel Medical Insurance

PLAN NAME: Visitors to Canada Emergency Hospital/Medical
BENEFIT LIMIT OPTIONS: $10,000 / $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 / $150,000

Visitors to Canada Travel Medical Insurance covers injuries and
sicknesses requiring emergency hospital confinement or emergency
medical treatment for visitors to Canada, sustained while in Canada on
a single trip.

Additional benefits provided to the Insured include medical transport,
emergency dental accident expense benefit and subsistence allowance

call 1-800-663-5389



TIC Travel Insurance

TIC has been providing travel insurance to Canadians and people
visiting Canada for over 50 years.

Plans for Visitors


21st Century Travel Insurance Limited

VISITORS to CANADA Hospital and Medical Insurance

Contact for a quotation or inquiry:

21st Century Travel Insurance Ltd.
995 Elgin Street West, Suite 4
Cobourg, Ontario K9A 5J3
Phone 905-372-1779
Toll-Free 800-567-0021

Fax 905-372-8060
Email info@21stcenturytravelins.com


Manulife Financial

Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada
Whether you?re travelling to Canada to visit family or friends, for
leisure travel, for a few days or a few months, CoverMe? Travel
Insurance can provide you and your family with insurance protection
for a single trip, or for multiple trips.