Cosmetic Plastic surgery goes in and out of the closet

If Krystal Schwegel has a nose for employment November last year, she held her on the cosmetic plastic surgery is low. "I only said three people," says the 25 years old, journalist Burnsville, Minnesota "I've done in winter, so if people in sleep and I I do not have or whatever with my friends for a month or two. Only the people around me knew immediately. "

But if David has on his schnozz Quinta cosmetic plastic surgery wyoming in January, he has a different way - YouTube. The 21 years, a series of videos about his plastic surgery and recovery, which were collected a total of more than 35,000 points.

"I thought it's fun, they show a video on," explains full-time psychology Fair Lawn, NJ "I know that some people say, 'Oh, this is wrong, you are made of plastic," or whether it, but I 've decided it on a public square. I'm not shy on this issue. "

Both Twentysomething - a firmly embedded in the private cosmetics, in the other and proud - are representative of our complex society in conflict and feelings about the "work", what we do. Although many celebrities, the head of the Directorate and the citizens as Schwegel will ensure their PIN and tuck envelope, others proudly wear their surgical tape on their sleeves - "Coming out" after the surgery evenings, broadcasting in improvements to Reality TV, Popping of Botox at the booth with her BFFs while shopping in the shopping center.

If the work is now so accepted, so seemingly trivial, it emerged that both a book for children, "My beautiful mom," what the plastic surgery in the Play-Doh together, and a new line of greeting cards straight title festive lift Me Up (the map of the breast offers a heartfelt "Congratulations on the twins!").

Gone under the knife?

Are you surgically enhanced and proud of it be? Please send (close-up) pictures of you before and after the surgery and tell us what you had done - and how you think about the results. Send your photos here.

"The shame is finally disappear," says Cami Dunbar, 40 years Worth, Texas, on the basis of founder Lift Me Up. "People talk about plastic surgery more. My friends say:" I'll have my breasts is, do you see? "They are so open with this issue. The theme is just there."