Who need life insurance companies

If any of you financially dependent, the chances are you need a life. The life insurance companies provides money to your family after death. These species (known under the name of the benefit in the event of death) replaces your income and your family can help with a variety of high financial cost, as the daily expenditure, see the savings and universities. Moreover, it is not the Bundesrat on the benefits of life insurance quote.

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Most Americans need life insurance. To determine whether you need life insurance, but you should be through the worst case. If you dead tomorrow, what your lover fare financially? and how much does life insurance cost ?

They had the money to your spending (eg the cost of a funeral, costs for medical treatment, taxes, debts, costs for lawyers, etc.)? Had she is in a position to the cost of living expenses such as rent or mortgage, food, clothing, the cost for transportation, health, etc.? What is over long distances financial goals? Without your contribution to the family, your surviving spouse be able to enough money to the children at the University or to retire comfortably?

The truth is that there is always a losing battle when someone you like. But your emotional struggles have not exacerbated by financial difficulties. Life insurance is it possible that people who you love will be made available to financially, even if you're not there to discuss it.

As the life could be in your budget if ...

You are married
Most families have two incomes to make ends meet. If you died suddenly, your family maintain their standard of living Their incomes of the spouses alone? Probably not. Life insurance ensures that your plans for the future do not die when you're doing.

You are a parent alone
Since only one parent, you help support the family, cook, driver and much more. Nevertheless, nearly four out of ten parents who are not life insurance is to cover and many say they need more. Both with the responsibility on your shoulders, you're not sure that you have enough life insurance to secure your financial future of the children.

You are a mother at home
Quite simply, because you do not win a wage does not mean that you do not make a financial contribution to your family. Child care, transportation, cleaning, cooking, household and other activities are all important tasks, the replacement value and that is often significantly underestimated. Some studies have shown the value of these benefits is more than $ 40,000 per year. Your spouse can afford someone to pay for these services? With life insurance, your family can afford the best choice while maintaining their quality of life.
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They are retired
Did you know that the dependence of the size of the estate, your heirs may be affected by a large payment of tax after death (up to 48% of your inheritance)? The product of a life insurance policy are payable immediately, so that the heirs in the care of the inheritance, funeral expenses and other debts, without haste to liquidate other assets, often at a fraction of their actual value. And the life are usually free of income tax and can be organized in order to obtain a permit. Finally, if your insurance is well structured, the product of your life insurance is not your responsibility to fiscal matters.

They are a small business owner
In addition to the care of your family, life can also be your company. What would your company if you are one of your fellow owners, or perhaps a key tomorrow is dead? The life insurance can help in various ways. For example, a life insurance can be designed so that to finance the "purchase" agreement. This would ensure that the other owners of businesses have the necessary funds for the purchase of the company's own interests of a deceased person to a previously agreed price. In this way, the owners of the company to obtain and the family receives the money. To protect a company in the event of the death of a key is used, "the key person", to be paid to the company, offers the owners the financial flexibility for employees or other substitute or workplace to another.
You are
Most people need not only of life, because none of them financially dependent. But there are exceptions. For example, certain persons only financial support for the aging parents or siblings. Next May transporting large debts that they are not wanted, to the members of the family who survive, (for example, spending on education). If you are in these types of situations, you should have a life, because you do not want your relatives will be taxed in the event of your premature death.