4 Possible complications LASER EYE SURGERY

The risks laser eye surgery below apply to both PRK laser eye surgery and LASIK laser eye surgery procedures. The chances of laser eye surgery risks having a serious vision-threatening minimal complication .

Some Infection and delayed healing: There is approximately a 0.1 percent chance of the cornea becoming infected after PRK laser eye surgery, and a some smaller chance after LASIK laser eye surgery. This means added discomfort and a delay healing, with no long-term effects after a long period of four years.

Undercorrection/Overcorrection: It is impossible to predict perfectly how your eye will respond to laser eye surgery. So, you may still need corrective lenses after the procedure of cosmetic laser eye surgery to obtain good vision.

Decrease in Best-Corrected Vision: This can occur as a result of irregular tissue removal or the development of corneal haze for example ; After laser eye surgery, some patients find that their best obtainable vision with corrective lenses is worse than it was before the surgery.

Excessive Corneal Haze: Corneal haze occurs as part of the normal healing process after PRK LASER EYE SURGERY. In most cases and fact there are some cases of excessive haze that interferes with vision. this can occur be dealt with by means of an additional laser eye surgery treatment. The risk of significant haze is much less with LASIK eye surgery than the other one.