Is lasik eye surgery new york best for your eye surgery

For two days ago I surfed on internet, then I found many people looking arounds for lasik eye surgery. some people asked.
Hi I need a list of Medical Doctors/Surgeons names and office address
that do Lasik Eye surgery within the state of New York.

Then I got some lasik complications answer like lasik eye surgery new york ( lasik surgery nyc ), lasik surgery dallas, laser eye surgery hartford, and lasik eye surgery vancouver. In some cases.


Google was helped me then I got an answer about lasik surgery mailing list. So I found several Good Info.

There's a site called allaboutvision.com.. here you can find the list
of all surgeons and their details like lasik procedure , and lasik eye surgery cost..

AllaAboutVision lasik eye surgery new york

This is another link for checkin the list of docs for Lasik-surgery in NYC

seewithlasik.com lasik surgery nyc

This is a link which also provides details of lasik surgeons.. eye doctor

I hope u'l find the best..