Laser eye surgery cost update for 2009

Cause of current crisis that happening and becoming more worst day by day, laser eye surgery cost is increasingly. After rising of several years before, and stabilize on 2006 until 2008 . In 2006 past , average of Laser eye surgery cost was about around $1,950 and in the 2008 the average increase slight to $2,105. A leading multi-center LASIK provider, TLC Laser Eye Centers, reported an average per procedure fee of $2,000 in early 2008, 2007 and 2006. In 2002, the average of Laser eye surgery cost procedure fee was $1,800.

Average LASIK prices, per eye

Recent research from another national provider,in laser eye surgery brisbane - LasikPlus (LCA-Vision), reported in early 2008 that its per-procedure prices at various centers had increased about 7 percent and still increasing. It's not about on improvement technology in surgery or usually called surgery tech, but it's cause of simply current crisis which make all of cosmetic surgery include Laser eye surgery cost become more higher.