How to determine Is laser eye surgery right for you?

Laser eye surgery cost is choice for anyone that desires to have more normal vision without dependence on eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, laser eye surgery cost could be not suitable for everyone, especially for current crisis.Beside of laser eye surgery risks that can make it more worst , laser eye surgery cost are increasing slightly in 2009.

However, several people which affordable with the cost,and they want to do an laser eye surgery things, some question need to decided, Is laser eye surgery for you?

  • Besure you are not a risk taker.laser eye surgery risks complications are unavoidable in percentages of patients, and there are no long-term data available for current procedures.
  • It will jeopardize your career. Be sure to check with your employer, professional society, and military service before undergoing any laser eye surgery procedure. Cause of some jobs prohibit certain refractive procedures.
  • required ;
  1. In their early 20s or younger,
  2. Whose hormones are fluctuating due to disease such as diabetes,
  3. Who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or
  4. Who are taking medications that may cause fluctuations in vision
  • laser eye surgery risks, a disease or are on medications that may affect wound healing Certain conditions, such as autoimmune diseases and diabetes may prevent proper healing after laser eye surgery.

Certain question you have to ask to your doctor before do an Laser eye surgery, there are;
  • Herpes simplex or Herpes zoster (shingles) involving the eye area.
  • Glaucoma, glaucoma suspect, or ocular hypertension.
  • Eye diseases, such as uveitis/iritis (inflammations of the eye)
  • Eye injuries or previous eye surgeries.
  • Keratoconus